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10 Unbelievably Beautiful Places in Cornwall

You’ve heard of the golden beaches, the fresh seafood, famous chefs and even discovered the filming locations of Poldark so you think you know all there is to know. However, don’t even think about leaving before you’ve discovered these unbelievably beautiful places in Cornwall which are not on the usual tourist map. We defy you to find anywhere more stunning than these heart-stirring spots in the Duchy we’ve uncovered for you…

Nanjizal Beach – The Song of the Sea Cave

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What is it?

It’s one of Cornwall’s most beautiful places by far, but many haven’t even heard of Nanjizal, let alone know how to find it. Nanjizal in Cornwall’s ‘wild west’ is a truly secluded, often deserted beach which will evoke gasps of awe in visitors who haven’t experienced this kind of natural beauty before. This stunning cove is thought by many to be the finest beach on the Penwith peninsula and there’s very good reason why…

Why is Nanjizal so Beautiful?

Nanjizal boasts an equine-shaped rock formation which has become known as ‘the Diamond Horse’ thanks to the sunlight shining through the slitted arch with a jewel-like glint in a curiously bewitching way. This most remarkable natural stone sculpture sits alongside magical caves and anenome-studded rock pools which emerge when the sea retreats, and there’s even a freshwater waterfall. Truly a beautiful place in Cornwall which will stop you in your tracks and have you reaching for your camera, Nanjizal is also a good spot for seal watching, particularly round the corner at Zawn Reeth.

Where is Nanjizal?

St Just, Penzance TR19 6JJ

Watergate Bay

What is it?

With two miles of golden sand, Watergate Bay is one of the most impressively beautiful beaches in Cornwall, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a popular tourist spot especially for surfers and swimmers as the water itself has achieved the highest standard available for UK bathing water making water sports a popular past-time at Watergate Bay. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful beach, such as the annual Polo on the Beach extravaganza and of course the bevvy of world class restaurants including celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant. This beach in North Cornwall is also dog-friendly all year around so don’t forget your pooch!

Why is Watergate Bay so Beautiful?

The golden sand stretches up and down the coast almost as far as the eye can see with the imposing granite cliffs providing the backdrop. The light at Watergate Bay is strangely hypnotic and produces fiery sunsets to rival the very best in Cornwall. With some of the best surf breaks in the UK and crystal azure waters, Watergate Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall.

Where is Watergate Bay?

Watergate Bay, TR8 4AA


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What is it?

Set in a small valley that slides towards a beautiful white beach which wouldn’t look out of place in the South Pacific, Porthcurno is just two and a half miles from Land’s End and one of Cornwall’s most beautiful spots. The crystal waters are a striking shade of turquoise and contrast beautifully with the hot pink flowers which bespeckle the surrounding cliffs.

Why is Porthcurno so Beautiful?

This oasis of stunning natural beauty has won many awards and it’s easy to see why; on a hot day you could easily be forgiven for thinking you’ve landed on a tropical island. With seals, surf and a good place for spotting basking sharks, Porthcurno in the West of Cornwall is the perfect natural playground. On the cliffs to the west of Porthcurno is the world famous Minack Theatre – a unique open air theatre carved into the rocks which commands superb views across Porthcurno Bay. Who has ever watched dolphins play in the waters behind a performance of MacBeth? You can here in Porthcurno- probably one of Cornwall’s most uniquely beautiful places to visit.

Where is Porthcurno?

TR19 6JX

Bedruthan Steps

What is it?

Carnewas and Bedruthan steps are undoubtedly one of the most popular hot spots  for visitors to Cornwall, and we can see why. The huge granite rocks dotted along the coastline are said to be stepping stones for the giant Bedruthan who used them as a shortcut across the bay. Bedruthan rose to fame more than 100 years ago a ripple effect thanks to the rise popularity of Newquay as a cornish holiday resort. Victorians in there carriages would pass and stop to admire the views. After a while the farmer started to provide stalls for the horses and the attraction was born.

Why is it Bedruthan Steps so Beautiful?

Wow factor doesn’t even begin to cover it- the dramatic views out over the rocks to the crashing Atlantic at Bedruthan are nothing short of spectacular. The rugged outcrops of rock make this beach a haven for seabirds and seapinks speckle the coastline creating an awe-inspiring vista which never grows old.

Where is Bedruthan?


Trevose Head

What is it?

The National Trust has recently become custodians of this breathtaking stretch of headland, and with walks to Booby’s bay, Constantine and Harlyn, a visit to Cornwall is not complete without a visit to this most beautiful Cornish location. As you wend your way around Cornwall’s lanes, you’ll see road signs bearing the name of many place names which have a prefix of ‘Tre’. In Cornish language ‘Tre’ means ‘homestead’, and perhaps one the most beautiful places in Cornwall starting with ‘Tre’ is Trevose Head on Cornwall’s North Coast.

Why is Trevose Head so Beautiful?

Staring out to sea between Newquay and Padstow, the Trevose Head Lighthouse (which is the crown in the jewel of Trevose Head) has been safely guiding seafarers to shore since 1847 and remains a working lighthouse whose beams you can see up to 37km away. You can even stay in the lighthouse keepers’ houses for a Cornish holiday with a difference!

Where is Trevose Head?

St Merryn, Padstow PL28 8SH

St Just in Roseland Church

What is it?

St Just in Roseland Church is a Grade I listed parish Church of England church. A drive through pretty country lanes brings you to this gorgeous old church in the prettiest of gardens right beside a tidal creek. Make a day of it with a trip on the King Harry car ferry from Feock to the Roseland Peninsula; a magical trip in itself where kingfishers, dragonflies and silvery fish dart about the water.

Why is Roseland Church so Beautiful?

St Just in Roseland Church is not just the most beautiful churchyard in Cornwall, it’s often touted as the most beautiful churchyard in England! With a stream running down to the creek, winding paths through the bamboos, a holy well and views over to the boat-yard, the churchyard at St Just in Roseland is a beautiful tranquil paradise which must be seen.

Where is St Just in Roseland Church?

St Just in Roseland, Truro TR2 5JD

Helford River

The Helford River is a large estuary that nestles snugly between the western edge of Falmouth Bay and eastern side of The Lizard Peninsula renowned for its scenic beauty. There are 30 miles of shoreline bursting with wildlife and quirky villages to explore all along this stunning area in Cornwall.

Why is Helford River so Beautiful?

Unlike the rugged cliffs of the north, the soft rolling hills of Helford mean the trees slope down to the water’s edge and wooded valleys meet sheltered creeks. Walking along the rusty trees staring out at the peaceful body of water it’s easy to see why the Helford river influenced Daphne du Maurier’s only romantic novel ‘Frenchmans Creek’, and in fact was where she spent her own honeymoon.

Where is Helford?

Helford, Manaccan,  TR12 6JX

Bonython Gardens and Estate

What is it?

Bonython Gardens is a very special garden with clever original designs and plantings. The owner Susan Nathan hails from South Africa and her origins are evident all throughout this unique garden in Cornwall by way of ferns and the South African-inspired woodland trail plantings. Situated on England’s southernmost Lizard Peninsula, Bonython Estate offers excitement and surprises at every turn, with colour and interest all season long.

Why is Bonython Garden so Beautiful?

Yes you’ve got your Eden Project, Lost Gardens of Heligan and all manner of beautiful National Trust-owned estates in Cornwall, but what about the lesser-known gems? The beautiful places in Cornwall are the ones which are hidden away from the tourist trail yet bursting with blooms and magical groves in which to revel in the beauty of Cornwall’s subtropical climate – like Bonython. With interesting planting, cascading streams connecting three stunning lakes and an elegant Georgian house at the heart of this elegant estate, you can see why architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner called the Bonython Estate ‘exceptionally elegant’!

Where is the Bonython Estate?

Cury Cross Lanes, TR12 7BA 

Crantock Beach

What is it?

Crantock Beach is a National Trust-owned beach on the North Cornish coast is a unique beach in that the river Gannel runs alongside it to the sea beyond. With rolling sand dunes, awesome surf and child-friendly rock pools, Crantock is a favourite beach among water sport enthusiasts and families alike. There is a vibrant community in the village of Crantock with regular farmer’s markets throughout the year, and  a traditional pub (the Old Albion) which is housed in an attractive 400 year old thatched building.

Why is Crantock so Beautiful?

Crantock beach and village epitomises Cornish life; a friendly community, stunning beach and a whole host of beautiful coastal walks nearby. St Carantoc church in the village is built on land that has been considered holy since the 5th century and is a beautiful village church. The fauna which surrounds the beach is wild and untamed, with dramatic views and rolling sand dunes providing the perfect backdrop to your Cornish beach dreams.

Where is Crantock?


St Nectan’s Glen

What is it?

St Nectan’s Glen near Tintagel is not only a site of geological interest, but also a beautiful place in Cornwall bursting with magic and intrigue. After wending your way through some of the most beautiful woodland in Cornwall, you will come to an awe-inspiring 60 foot waterfall which falls into a kieve (basin) which is 20 foot deep and rounded like a beautiful giant smooth bowl.

Why is St Nectan’s Glen so Beautiful?

The force of the falling water has broken away the front over the ages, creating an arch that the falls cascade through. This secret woodland hideaway has a very special aura and you can almost hear pixies and woodland folk whispering through the trees. Indeed, so sacred and mystical is this spot that people have tied wishing ribbons to the branches of trees and you’ll tiptoe past piles of wish stones through the River Trevillet as it sparkles and gurgles happily on its way to the sea.

Where is St Nectan’s Glen?

Trethevy, Tintagel PL34 0BG

So there you have it, our run down of the most beautiful places in Cornwall which you probably haven’t visited yet. Have we missed any? Do you have any you’d like to add to this list? Let us know by commenting below or sharing over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can’t wait to share ideas and collaborate with our vibrant community!

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