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Desperately waiting for your next crazy adventure? Are your Pinterest boards bursting at the seams?

Wait no longer – Microadventures have been taking the world by storm and we see why. Not having to worry about taking time off work or canceled flights while still being able to Soulventure? Count me in.

Here are just some of the adventures you can do on your own home turf:

Give us a shout if you know some adventures that should be on the list too!


1.Try guerrilla gardening 

& start Guerrilla Gardening  Every town/city/village has spaces of land that are neglected and loveless. Whether you start your own dig or join an existing cell, Guerrilla Planting unleashes your inner rebel while having a positive impact on the world. Plus the satisfaction of being a faceless hero is next to none. Happy planting!

2. Go on a wilderness adventure

So maybe every inch of your local wilderness is discovered – but not by you. Go for a drive (no sat nav’s allowed) and go where you fancy. Get a mate to drop you off somewhere and just explore. Just make sure you keep your phone on you in case you get really stuck, or go slightly more Bear Grylls and just follow these tips to finding your own way out. It’s amazing how much more exciting a journey is when you don’t know where you’re going to end up.


The worlds largest treasure hunt. Geocaching is perfect for those in-between expedition blues. You can hone those skills essential for bigger trips – making it ideal for all levels of explorer. Plus it’s always fun giving and taking those little gifts.

4. Check out your local amenities

We’ve all got those places locally that have a big ? over them. You’ve just never had a particular reason to go. Why jet-set hundreds of miles away when you could experience the unknown a couple of miles away. You might find the perfect boutique or an amazing cosy cafe? – Make a list of all the places within 10 miles that you’ve never been to and start ticking them off today.

5. Foraging 

Go old school and see what freebies you can get from nature. Whether it be samphire or berries foraging is a great way to learn more about your local wildlife and resources. Stay safe out there though – please don’t randomly start picking things up and chomping away. 


6. Reach for the skies

Everyone want’s to feel like they’re on top of the world – why not literally do it. There are loads of mountains and tors to choose from! So pick one, grab a couple of like-minded soulventuring friends and go on an epic trek. Oh, plus it’s the perfect opportunity for a killer Instagram shot!

7. Find the best stargazing spot

Arguably the universe is the biggest adventure yet. So much to be discovered! If you’ve ever seen a clear nights sky in the complete darkness you know how awe-inspiring it truly is. Try and find your own hidden star gazing spot, here’s a great tool to spot where to start the adventure

8. Full moon walk

It’s amazing how different familiar surroundings feel in the light of the moon there’s almost something slightly magical going out into the wild guided by a full moon.  Full moonwalking is a great idea not only for getting some peace from other people but also surprisingly a bit of an adrenaline rush, being surrounded by unknown rustles and coos can stand a couple of hairs on end.

9. Try wild camping

Bivy bag + some water purification tablets (or just bottled water) and you’re set. When the sky’s your ceiling it’s amazing how much more you appreciate your home sunsets and rises.  Here at Things to do Cornwall we are lucky because Dartmoor is only a stone’s throw away and just happens to be the only place in England where real, 100% free ‘wild camping’ is legal. But don’t worry there are hundreds of very cheap camping spots about, more popping up every day. If you still can’t face the camping site a mate’s field does the trick just fine.

15. Dine alfresco

Bored of all your local restaurants an eateries? Go rugged and let the land be your table not only can you have any meal your heart desires (more or less) but you can go anytime you like with anyone. Everything tastes better when you’re staring at the sky. Sounds like a winner to me.


10.Rock pooling

In Britain, the most inland point is only 70 miles away (45 miles from the nearest tidal water) meaning there’s no excuse for you to not get to the sea or at least a body of water. Rockpools have their own tiny ecosystems full of life and ready to be explored – you can experience the ocean while (for the most part) keeping your feet dry. Also for budding explorers, so long as tides have been taken into consideration,  it’s often safer than venturing straight on into the big old blue.

11. Raft building

Make a raft and get on the water. Everyone has a local river, lake or ocean nearby and raft making is both 100% free (if you know what to use)  and the perfect way to test your inner engineer. Grab a couple of mates and build your own £0 budget raft. 

12. Try adventuring in all-weather

 Adventure doesn’t have to be at a new place every time, to have a new experience.

“Going somewhere new, meeting people, learning about different places. Rather than thinking that a micro-adventure is small and a bit rubbish, it’s much better to think of it as a proper one, but shorter.” – Jason Lewis

Try some of your favorite activities with a spin. The beach is a perfect example, a rainy beach day can be the best. In fact, there is no better feeling than warm rain on your face when you’re out in the water. Make sure you stay safe out there, light rain is one thing but check the weather predictions and make sure you know about general water safety before you dive in.

13. Start a coast to coast challenge

So depending on where you are this could be very challenging but the idea can be tailored to suit most exhibitions so don’t cross it off just yet. The gist of it is to go from one end of the coast to the other it means that you get to plan it out like a real expedition and have a tangible achievement behind you with is always plus. If that would be a little tricky maybe try from one end of the county to the other or from one end of the city to the other; highest to the lowest point in your town, you get the idea…

14. Storm Chasing

Get out there and see the elements of the world in full swing. Storm chasing is the perfect mix of adrenaline and risk and seeing familiar surroundings in a new light. Be immersed in the natural phenomena of the world. That being said Storm Chasing is one of the most dangerous ideas on the list depending on what the weathers like around you. Many people get swept into the waves of a storm because they’re marveling at the stormy sea – just be careful out there – life first, adventures second.

15. Coasteering

Risk-takers of the world unite – and then jump off a cliff. Coasteering is a coastal daredevil’s dream: adventure, sport & beautiful coastlines/spots that tend not to be swarmed with people! Make sure you know how to Coasteer properly though. Coasteering is also affectionately known as “tombstoning” coined thanks to the serious coasteering injuries that have happened over the years.

Anything we’ve missed? Here at Things to do Cornwall we love hearing all about new ways to explore and venture so if there’s anything you do that we should try out drop us a comment below!

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